CICA Baking Courses



The art of baking takes on many different forms, from baking breads to cookies, creating various types of cakes/pastries and other snacks. These courses can benefit everyone from school children to working professionals. One can even start his/her own business or can work as bakery chef after getting some experience in same line.

Bread & Cookies

Course Duration : 5 Weeks

Indulge in Baking Envy: A Masterclass in Breads and Cookies

Our Breads and Cookies Course is an immersive journey that provides you with profound insights to professionally craft a diverse array of fresh breads. Delve into the intricate science of baking as you create not just breads, but works of art like buns and hot dog rolls. Discover the world of baking cookies, where you'll learn the art of crafting versatile cookie dough that serves as a canvas for your creative expression.

Course Overview:

The Craft of Bread Making: Foundation

- Begin your journey by mastering the creation of White Bread Dough.

- - Immerse yourself in the art of hand and mould moulding.

- - Explore the realm of creating various shapes and understanding fundamental baking techniques.

Artisan Bread Making: Embracing Diversity

- Dive into the intricacies of crafting Brown Bread Dough.

- Elevate your skills by exploring the world of Multigrain Bread, infusing flavor and texture.

- Immerse yourself in the art of crafting Pav Buns, a beloved accompaniment to Indian dishes.

Buns and Beyond: Elevating Bread Creations

- Delve into the world of Burger Buns, mastering both texture and taste.

- Craft Hot Dog Bread with precision, a testament to your growing mastery.

Crafting the Perfect Cookie Canvas

- Begin your journey into the world of cookies by mastering the art of creating versatile Cookie Dough.

- Elevate your skills through the techniques of piping and cutting, setting the stage for creative exploration.

- Dive into the art of creating unique shapes that reflect your personal flair.

From Dough to Delight: Baking Cookies and Beyond

- Embark on the final stage of your cookie journey: baking exquisite cookies that celebrate your creativity.

- Unleash your artistic spirit as you present a delectable array of cookies, each a masterpiece of flavor.

Experience the Artistry of Baking: Where Flour Meets Imagination

At CICA, baking isn't just science; it's an art form that we're passionate about sharing with you. Our expert chefs are committed to providing you with the tools and knowledge to not just bake, but to craft works of culinary art. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of a commercial bakery, where every session is a step towards mastery.

Cakes & Icing

Course Duration : 5 Weeks (20 sessions)

Mastering the Basics of Cakes and Icing: Crafting Confectionery Excellence

Unlock the art of crafting delectable cakes and mastering the nuances of icing at CICA's Culinary Institute. Our "Basics of Cakes and Icing" Course is designed to equip you with the essential techniques and skills to create delightful cakes and elevate them with exquisite icing. From understanding the fundamentals of baking to perfecting the art of decoration, this course takes you on a transformative journey through the world of confectionery.

Course Overview:

Building the Cake Foundation

- Dive into the heart of cake craftsmanship by mastering The Perfect Sponge Cake: Eggless, setting the stage for your baking journey.

- Explore the world of flavors with Vanilla and Chocolate Sponge Cakes.

- Immerse yourself in the techniques of torting, soaking, layering, and filling, ensuring your cakes are a symphony of taste and texture.

- Gain hands-on experience with fresh cream and various nozzles, creating stunning decorations that captivate the eye.

Elevating Cake Aesthetics: Decoration and Variation

- Embark on a creative adventure by learning the art of cake decoration using fresh cream, fruits, truffle chocolate, and butterscotch.

- Discover the joy of creating variations, from Pineapple and Strawberry to Mango, Litchi, Kiwi, and beyond.

- Explore the realm of variations, including Black Forest, Butterscotch, and Blueberry, each an embodiment of your skill.

- Receive professional insights on sourcing, storing, and effectively marketing your creations.

Mastering Eggless Brownies

- Delight in the world of Eggless Brownies, creating Plain Brownies layered with rich flavors and textures.

- Elevate your skills with a luscious Chocolate Topping and a Walnut Brownie that's a treat for the senses.

Crafting Tea Time Delights

- Discover the art of crafting Eggless Tea Time Cakes, Muffins, and Cupcakes that transform your tea breaks into moments of indulgence.

- Explore a range of flavors, including Chocolate, Vanilla, and Blueberry Muffins.

- Create Cupcakes that are a delight for both the eyes and the palate: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Red Velvet.

- Master Tea Time Cakes, including Vanilla Dry Cake, and enjoy variations in Vanilla & Chocolate.

The Science and Art of Baking

- Understand the science behind baking techniques and apply your knowledge in practical sessions.

- Master the creation of Gel Cakes, gaining the ability to craft an array of fruit-filled delights.

Elevate Your Baking Passion: Where Artistry Meets Flavor

CICA is more than an institute; it's a platform for your culinary dreams. Our experienced chefs guide you through a transformative journey that blends tradition with innovation. Engage in hands-on sessions within the vibrant ambiance of a commercial bakery.
Embark on a journey where you master the art of cakes and icing, one delectable creation at a time!

Cakes & Icing (Advanced)

Course Duration : 6 Weeks

Mastering Advanced Cakes and Icing: Elevating Your Confectionery Artistry

Note: This course is exclusively designed for students who have successfully completed the first "Basics of Cakes and Icing" course.

This specialised program delves into the advanced techniques that bring the art of confectionery to life. Elevate your skills as you learn the intricate craft of garnishing cakes with cream flowers and chocolate accents. Delve into the world of fondant, mastering its use to create exquisite fondant cakes. By the end of this course, you'll step into a realm of endless creativity, armed with the skills to craft a variety of confectionery marvels. Additionally, explore the art of crafting cheesecakes, lava cakes, and delectable puddings.

Course Overview:

Fondant Mastery: Sculpting with Sugar

- Explore the art of fondant, an icing used for cake decoration and sculpting.

- Understand the intricate techniques of working with fondant, including its use, application, and layering.

- Embark on the journey of creating fondant cakes, mastering the art of fondant flowers.

- Discover the world of colors, as you learn to create vibrant shades using fondant.

Elevating Cake Aesthetics: Chocolate Garnishes and Cream Flowers

- Craft chocolate garnishes that adorn your cakes with elegance and flavour.

- Dive into the advanced use of cream, mastering the creation of intricate cream flowers.

- Elevate your skills as you explore the art of cake decoration through delicate cream work.

Divine Delights: Cheesecakes and More

- Master the creation of cheesecakes, from classic flavours to innovative variations.

- Elevate your skills by crafting Lava Cakes using premixes, unveiling a delightful molten centre.

- Delve into the art of crafting two delectable dessert puddings, a testament to your newfound mastery.

Creative Confectionery Exploration

- Immerse yourself in the world of creativity, applying your advanced skills to craft a variety of confectionery wonders.

- From intricate fondant designs to cream flowers and more, explore a spectrum of techniques.

Beyond the Culinary Art: Hygiene and Sanitation

- Deepen your understanding of hygiene and sanitation standards, ensuring your creations reflect excellence from preparation to presentation.

Continue Your Culinary Journey: Mastery in the Making

At CICA, we're dedicated to nurturing your passion and skill. With this advanced course, we provide you with the platform to elevate your confectionery artistry to new heights. Engage in practical, hands-on sessions within the dynamic ambiance of a commercial bakery.