CICA Cooking Courses



Culinary arts and professional cooking is a highly competitive field to break into. To build the skills required for the student, we have created courses that cover majority of techniques and cuisines required to pursue the career.

Complete Course Duration : 3 Months

Indian Curries

Course Duration : 3 Weeks

Embark on a Culinary Journey: The Art of Indian Curries

Step into the aromatic world of Indian curries with CICA's Culinary Institute. Our unique Indian Curries Cooking Course invites you to explore the classic and contemporary dimensions of crafting these beloved dishes. Under the guidance of our expert chefs, who are culinary maestros, you'll immerse yourself in diverse regional cuisines while gaining hands-on expertise in our cutting-edge commercial kitchen. Unleash the enchantment of spices and the craft of gravy-making as you orchestrate a symphony of flavors that transcend borders.

Course Overview:

Precision Knife Skills and Techniques

- Acquire finesse in knife skills, tailored to various culinary styles.

- Master techniques for consistent cuts that elevate dish presentation.

The Craft of Masterful Gravies

- Journey into the heart of foundational Master Gravies - the cornerstone of Indian curries.

- Explore the versatility of these bases, utilizing them to construct an array of delightful dishes.

Elevating Indian Curries

- Hands-on immersion in creating an assortment of tantalizing Indian curries.

- Experiment with a diverse spectrum of flavors and techniques to compose a rich repertoire.

Sample of Dishes You'll Master:

Vegetarian Delights:

- Dal Makhni
- Dal Tadka
- Tawa Mushroom Masala
- Chana Masala
- Rajma Masala
- Paneer Lababdaar

Non-Veg Temptations:

- Kadhai Chicken
- Butter Chicken
- Chicken Curry
- Mutton Rogan Josh

Experience the CICA Difference: Hands-On Training in a Real-World Kitchen Environment

CICA prides itself on delivering more than a culinary course – it's an immersive experience reflecting the spirited rhythm of a bustling commercial kitchen. Our approach stands out as you embrace the intricacies of crafting Indian curries within a dynamic, high-volume production setting. This distinctive methodology refines not only your culinary prowess but also cultivates the precision and efficiency essential for excellence in a professional kitchen.

Indian Tandoor

Course Duration : 3 Weeks

Culinary Excellence in Tandoor Cuisine: Unveiling the Art of Tandoori Cooking

At CICA's Culinary Institute, we're dedicated to shaping aspiring chefs into culinary virtuosos, guiding them on an enriching journey to master the diverse styles and preparations of tandoori cooking. Rooted in ancient India, tandoori cooking transcends the ordinary, imparting a delightful smoky flavor and nutritional richness to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. The smoldering charcoal infuses a unique character, enhancing taste while preserving essential nutrients within vegetables and meats.

Course Overview:

The Craft of Butchery and Knife Skills

- Delve into various butchery styles tailored to different meats, such as chicken breast, broiler, lamb, and fish.

- Master the art of precise knife skills for impeccable meat preparation.

The Alchemy of Marination and Preparation

- Explore an array of basic marination and preparations that elevate the tandoor experience.

- Uncover the secrets behind Tandoori Masala, Shashlik, Malai, Mustard, Peri-Peri, and more.

The Perfect Dough and Beyond

- Learn to craft diverse doughs, including Atta-based and Maida-based, for an array of Indian breads.

Sample of Dishes You'll Master:

Vegetarian Delights:

- Tandoori Mushroom Tikka
- Hari Chutney Soya Chaap
- Creamy Malai Broccoli
- Peri-Peri Paneer Tikka
- Delectable Dahi Kebab

Non-Veg Temptations:

- Murg Malai Tikka
- Classic Tandoori Chicken
- Zesty Lemon Chicken Tikka

Experience Tandoori Mastery: Where Theory Meets the Heart of the Kitchen

At CICA, our approach is built on more than just imparting culinary knowledge; it's about immersing you in the authentic essence of tandoori cuisine. Our seasoned professionals lead you through this transformative journey, sharing insights and techniques. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing practical, hands-on training that simulates the hustle of a bustling commercial kitchen.


Course Duration : 3 Weeks

Mastering the Art of Continental Cuisine: A Culinary Exploration

In our comprehensive Continental Cuisine Course, you'll embark on a journey that traverses knife handling to the mastery of foreign cuisines. With a focus on continental delicacies, this course unveils the culinary magic behind products like milk, eggs, and cheese. You'll discover the elegance of minimal spices, fresh herbs, and culinary techniques that encompass baking, grilling, stewing, and roasting—resulting in dishes that are both low in fat and calories.

Course Overview:

Knife Skills & Fundamental Techniques

- Learn the essential basics of knife handling, from safe usage to proper chopping techniques.

- Explore various knife types and sharpening methods, tailored to specific culinary needs.

Continental Delights: Sandwiches, Burgers, Pizzas

- Craft a medley of sandwiches including Paneer Tikka and Chicken Tikka creations.

- Dive into the world of succulent burgers, from Chicken Patty to Veggie Patty.

- Elevate your skills by preparing delectable Paneer Tikka Pizza and Chicken Sausage Pizza.

Gastronomic Exploration: Soups and Pasta Perfection

- Master the art of soups with Cream of Mushroom, Tomato and Basil, Chicken Sweet Corn, and Hot and Sour varieties.

- Indulge in the finesse of pasta preparation, ranging from Alfredo and Arrabbiata to Pink and Pesto.

Experience the Continental Journey: From Knife to Plate

At CICA, we offer more than just a culinary course; we offer a journey into the heart of continental cuisine. Our experienced chefs share their profound insights, unveiling the secrets behind each dish. What truly sets us apart is our emphasis on practical, hands-on training that immerses you in the dynamic environment of a working commercial kitchen.


Course Duration : 4 Weeks

Exploring the Riches of Chinese Cuisine: A Culinary Odyssey

Our comprehensive Chinese Cuisine Course spans the spectrum from knife handling techniques to mastering some of the most popular dishes that have won the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide.

Course Overview:

Knife Skills & Precision Techniques

- Master the art of precise knife handling tailored to the nuances of Chinese cuisine.

- Explore various cutting techniques that form the backbone of Chinese culinary finesse.

Soups and Starters: An Exquisite Prelude

- Delve into a selection of enticing soups, from the robust Manchow Soup to the vibrant Sweet Corn Soup.

- Elevate your skills by crafting the beloved Hot & Sour Soup and the refreshing Lemon Coriander Soup.

- Embark on a journey through the dimly lit lanes of flavor with Veg and Chicken Dimsums (Momos).

- Create culinary magic with Veg and Chicken Spring Rolls, each bite a crispy symphony of delight.

Main Course Delights: Vegetarian Extravaganza

- Immerse yourself in the world of Veg Manchurian, a culinary fusion of flavors.

- Master the art of crafting Veg Noodles, a versatile and beloved dish.

- Elevate your skills further with the ever-popular Chilli Paneer and Veg Hakka Noodles.

- Indulge in the harmony of Chilli Garlic Noodles and the flavorful Veg Fried Rice.

- Create a sensation with Honey Chilli Cauliflower and Honey Chilli Potato.

Main Course Excellence: Non-Veg Revelations

- Embark on a journey into Chicken Manchurian, a symphony of succulence and spices.

- Craft Chicken Noodles, a dish that marries delicate flavors with wholesome ingredients.

- Elevate your culinary prowess with the fiery Chilli Chicken and Chicken Hakka Noodles.

- Discover the flair of Chicken Lollipop and the ever-popular Chicken Fried Rice.

Experience Chinese Gastronomy: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

At CICA, we redefine culinary education by offering more than just lessons – we provide an immersive experience that captures the soul of Chinese cuisine. Our expert chefs are committed to sharing in-depth insights and techniques that underpin each dish. Embrace the dynamic world of a commercial kitchen as you embark on a practical, hands-on training journey.